Content of the Box

Coloured blocks (100)

Description:  Blocks with holes right around.

Used for:  Counting, building towers, making shapes, building anything creative

Coloured number blocks (80)

Description:  Blocks of different sizes and colours with a small numerical symbol that indicates the size.

Used for:  Counting, comparing values, estimating, pattern completion, number combinations, doubling and halving.

Patterned blocks (50)

Description:  Flat shapes of different colours

Used for:  Counting, making pictures, pattern completion, characteristics of shapes

Dominoes (28)

Description:  Flat, yellow, rectangular objects that are halved, with dots on each side.

Used for:  Comparing amounts (most / fewest dots), informal addition, informal subtraction.

Number cards 1-10

Description:  White, rectangular cards that are halved, with dots on the one side and a numerical value on the other side.

Used for:  Learning numerical symbols, comparing amounts, even and uneven amounts.


Description:  Flat, rectangular instrument with coloured blocks that can be moved back and forth

Used for:  Counting on and backward, counting in 2’s, comparing amounts, informal addition, informal subtraction.


Description:  A Chinese puzzle that consists of two large triangles, two small triangles, a medium-sized triangle, a square and a parallelogram. The pieces form a square when fitted together

Used for:  Making pictures


Description:  A cube-shaped object that has dots from one to six on each of the six surfaces.

Used for:  Exposure to numbers, games, comparisons of amounts.